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Explore a suite of versatile features designed to simplify your printer management

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Supplies Management    Essentials Professional

Automated supplies fulfillment (for both Essentials and Professional)
Use Prisume to fulfill all future supplies orders, for you. Delivered at your customers front desk with all relevant information about printer and their location, before they run out. No more manual order handling, all you need to do, is to send an invoice.


Automated supplies ordering
Automate toner replenishment with Prisume. Our system monitors levels and orders supplies before you run out, ensuring seamless printing. Get your supplies orderings by mail, FTP or integrations. Track the last order date in Prisume or by using the QR scan option available for your smartphone.


Intelligent bulk ordering
Maximize efficiency with our bulk ordering option. Utilizing days left estimations, we optimize supply orders to reduce logistic costs and CO2 emissions by grouping shipments to the same client. Less waste and more savings.


The supplies dashboard and toner waste monitoring
Access real-time insights into toner usage, orders and receive proactive alerts when toners are replaced prematurely. Stay in the loop and make informed decisions with our responsive dashboard.


Flexible part number management
Gain complete control over your supplies inventory with our customizable part number management feature. Easily swap or update part numbers to match your preferred supplies, ensuring you always work with the components that best fit your needs.


Bid management
Effortlessly manage your device pricing with our intuitive bid management feature. Add or adjust bids on devices to secure accurate and competitive pricing, streamlining the sales process and ensuring profitability.




Device Management

  Essentials Professional


Universal data collection across platforms and brands
With Prisume, enjoy seamless data collection from multiple printer brands, operating effortlessly on Windows, Linux, Raspberry PI and Mac for truly cross-platform compatibility.


Model database: stay up-to-date automatically
Never worry about outdated information again. Our continuously updated model database ensures you have the latest part numbers, recommended volumes, kWh usage data and much more at your fingertips. Please note that recommended volumes are only available in Professional.


Automatic + QR code based error reporting
Stay proactive with automated alerts and QR code tickets from Prisume. Receive timely notifications for printer issues and allow users to easily report problems via QR codes. Track everything online for even better overview and insights.


Flexible equipment reporting: your data, your way
Gain complete control over your printer fleet data with our customizable Equipment Reports. Whether you need real-time meter readings for billing or want to delve into other metrics, you can easily tailor your reports. Schedule them or download instantly for maximum convenience.


Dynamic device filtering: quick insights at your fingertips
Effortlessly run through your device inventory using our comprehensive filter options and built-in views. Toggle seamlessly between inventory, health status, and volume statistics to get the exact snapshot you need, when you need it.


Comprehensive malfunction overview: one trip fixes all
Stay ahead of the game by spotting multiple malfunctions within the same client's printer fleet. Ensure you're fully prepared with the right spare parts in a single trip, reducing downtime and boosting efficiency.


Template-ready equipment reports: streamline your workflow
Don't reinvent the wheel every time you need a report. Save any equipment report as a template for seamless reuse across all accounts. Ideal for consistently monitoring metrics without the setup hassle.


Intuitive dashboards for instant insights
Unlock the power of your data with our intuitive and flexible dashboards, designed to provide real-time insights into your printing operations, enabling better decision-making and streamlined management.


Detailed volume analytics
Get a comprehensive overview and in-depth details of your printing volumes. Track aggregate totals and break down usage by department, user or device for nuanced insights.





  Essentials Professional


Green printing dashboard
Gain a comprehensive understanding of your printing's environmental impact with our Green dashboard, helping you make informed decisions for a more sustainable office.


Device-level eco metrics
Gain in-depth insights into each printer's environmental impact. Our dashboard tracks active, standby and sleep modes, providing estimates on kWh consumption and CO2 emissions.


Plant trees with PrintReleaf
Transform your paper consumption into a greener footprint. Our seamless integration with PrintReleaf allows you to offset your usage through automated tree-planting projects. Get real-time tracking and contribute to reforestation effortlessly.




For Sales, Business and Cost Management

  Essentials Professional


Cost & contract management
Monitor not only your printing costs but also manage your device contracts seamlessly. Know where every dollar goes and stay in compliance with your service agreements.


Flexible model-level pricing: tailored billing for every scenario
Easily set default prices on a model level for streamlined billing, while retaining the freedom to customize pricing for individual accounts or even specific devices. Your billing, your way, down to the last detail.


Billing reports: exportable, customizable and comprehensive
Generate billing reports with a few clicks, summarizing costs by total, department or device. Easily export your data for integration with other systems or for clear, detailed financial oversight.


Trend tracking dashboard: instantly assess business health
Our dashboard offers more than just figures; it provides a comprehensive understanding of your cost metrics. Instantly determine whether your financial trends are advancing in the right direction for immediate action.


Proactive cost + volume alerts
Stay ahead of the curve with real-time cost and volume alerts. Monitor trends and receive timely notifications to prevent unexpected cost overruns and optimize your budget.


Print summary report: your audit & meeting lifesaver
Streamline your audits and status meetings with our all-inclusive Print summary report. One document that gathers all crucial data, ensuring you're prepared and informed in no time.


Audit Kanban board: streamline your audits with real-time visibility
Our audit Kanban board simplifies complex audits by categorizing them into stages such as 'Waiting for Analysis", "Action Pending" and "Completed". Whether you're planning device replacements, consolidations or maintaining the status quo, get a bird's-eye view of your audit process for efficient decision-making.


TCO simulation: the future of cost analysis
Take the guesswork out of budget planning with our TCO simulation feature. Analyze and forecast your total cost of ownership, making financial decisions easier and more accurate.


Device utilization / recommendations
Keep track on how efficiently your devices are being used with real-time tracking and automatic alerts. Optimize usage patterns and receive timely notifications to make informed decisions.


Performance dashboard: track your customers' success in real-time
Stay informed and proactive with our performance dashboard, specifically designed to monitor your dealers' growth, trends and other key metrics. Get an in-depth look at your dealers' progress to identify areas for improvement and celebrate successes.


Total cost of ownership report
Find all the essential answers about your printing costs in one simple, yet comprehensive one-page TCO report. This snapshot covers current costs, provides a 12-month historical view and allows for period-to-period comparisons for quick but thorough insights.





  Essentials Professional


End-customer module: empower your clients through shared insights
Enhance customer relationships and enable self-service by securely sharing selected data and reports directly with your end-users. Your clients gain better control, and you build trust, creating a win-win partnership. Available as add-on for Essentials and Professional.


Prisume API: unleash the power of customization
Use Prisume MPS data inside your own tool by utilizing the Prisume API or webhook option. Integrate Prisume MPS data into your own systems.


Webhook capabilities: push your data where you need it
Leverage our webhook options to send real-time reports and alerts directly to your preferred system. Enhance your existing workflows by integrating Prisume's valuable data points into the tools you already use.





  Essentials Professional


Evatic: the ultimate in service management efficiency
Merge the capabilities of Prisume with Evatic and experience seamless service management like never before. Automate tasks, enhance data flow, and simplify service scheduling for a unified, effective approach to printer fleet management.


SDF: unifying business operations
Streamline your invoicing, supplies management and field services effortlessly. Integrate Prisume with SDF to create a unified, data-driven workflow that simplifies your business processes from start to finish.


Zendesk: effortless support management
Enhance your customer support by integrating Prisume with Zendesk. Easily push alerts, reports and ticket information directly into Zendesk, streamlining your support workflow and elevating your customer service experience.


PrintReleaf: plant trees as you print
Automatically contribute to global reforestation efforts through PrintReleaf while using Prisume. Every page you print helps plant a tree, making your print operations not just efficient but also eco-friendly.