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When you see the potential in making print supplies ordering easier with automation, you are not far from getting started

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1. The first thing we normally do, is to invite you for a 30-minute online presentation

Here you can see how Prisume looks and works, and also discuss if you have specific needs or questions. When you decide to get started, we send you an invitation via e-mail, where you’ll receive the installation instructions.  After you’ve downloaded and installed the Prisume Data Collector, you are ready for the next step.

2. Then it is time for you to invite your customers

Just click on the “invite customer”-button and fill in your customer’s details. Then click “Send”. Your customer will now receive an invitation with installation instructions. The most common is that you, as a dealer, help your customer with the installation. Important is that the Prisume Data Collector is installed on the client’s network (preferably) or on a source that is online with the network (i.e. a turned-on network connected PC, a Raspberry Pi or similar). This because Prisume is detecting and collecting data from the printers every second hour, day and night.

3. When the Prisume Data Collector has been correctly installed and started, Prisume will begin to detect all printers in the network, despite of brand

A list of printers will show up and you can now set up the printer locations and alarm levels. There is also a BID section where you can add your dealer and customer specific BIDs. When the setup is done, set the printers you like to be monitored to “ON” and Prisume is ready to place the orders for you!