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Prisume Nordic  |


Prisume Denmark
Vassingerødvej 25, 3540 Lynge  |  +45 45 76 43 00  |

Prisume Sweden
Cementvägen 7, 136 50 Jordbro  |  +46 08 449 59 00  |

Prisume has been developed by Despec Nordic and 3manager


Despec is the Nordic regions primary distributor of IT-consumables, printers and office products. Despec operates in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland, and have more than 30 years of experience with effective and fast logistical services. From the warehouses in Denmark and Sweden, Despec provides logistical services to all their business partners in the Nordic region.

Despec is the preferred and most market-oriented distributor in the Nordic countries. The services that Despec offers will take your business further, with its specialist expertise, excellent logistical services as well as advanced, but highly adaptable IT services.

Prisume Norway
Åslyveien 19, 3170 Sem  |  +47 33 44 55 33  |

Prisume Finland
Bertel Jungin aukio 7, 02600 Espoo  |  +358 9 827 53 00  |

Prisume Iceland

Vatnagarðar 8, 104 Reykjavík  |  +354 544 5533  |



3manager creates software for printer management and help customers worldwide to manage their printers in a simple yet effective way. The company was established in 2009 by printer consultants in Denmark in need of a tool able to create an overview of printer utilization, print volumes, costs, contract obligations, and most importantly, identifying areas to optimize.

Besides providing the fundamental functionality to manage printers, 3manager also support partners understanding their printer fleet in a whole new way, by providing business insights and trends giving the ability to track printing behavior on the fly.